Don’t change your dreams, change your reality!

Business Consultant | Life Coach | Public Speaker

Business Startups

I’ve worked with dozens of startup company’s constructing and implementing blue prints for success.  While many challenges associated with launching a success startup are the same, there are other aspects that are unique to industry, target market and most importantly the intangibles that undoubtedly arise.

Business Consultation

Executive Brainstorming Sessions, Virtual Executive Assistant, Premium and General Consultation, General Brainstorming Sessions.  Let’s work together to unleash your businesses full potential.


Life Coach

I listen carefully and learn how and why you are in the place you are in today.  My clients can speak openly and honestly with out the fear or consequence of judgement.  In return my clients get honest and unbiased advise on business related and/or personal matters.  All communication are kept strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

Public Speaking

I specialize in speaking to Youth Groups, High Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events and other groups venues or events.

  • Motivational
  • Reality Check
  • Avoidance and Prevention
    (Self Defense)

Real Estate Broker And Agent Consultation

Broker BenEfits

Agent Benefits